Race Director - Shirt Selection - Gender Specfic sizes and caps.

If you are offering Gender Specific sizes on our event our race admin team can amend the shirt settings to display the gender selection on the entry form:



Gender specific sizing is set in the Race Set up options. Free shirt set up.

Show Shirt Gender selection is Yes.
Shirt Sizes fields display the size option ( XS to XXL)

M or F fields are selected to activate the selection.



If Caps are required for the Shirt Selections we need to specify the Gender in the size selection fields. (Ladies XS, Mens XS etc.)

Show Gender is set to No.
Gender and size is indicated in Shirt Size field:

Caps are entered for each size.

When the limit for the shirt size is met it is automatically removed from the selection.


Important Note: We cannot set caps selections for the race. Shirt Caps have to be specified for each event. If you have caps to gender specific sizes and more than one event you will need to provide our admin team with the numbers available for each event.

Race Directors can view the overall shirt size selections by events in Race Admin - Reports selection top menu.

Left Menu - Select Shirt Breakdown




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