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Applicants can select to sign up or create their own team and invite their coworkers to join or them to celebrate the New Year and to fundraise in support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Here are illustrated instructions on how a Team Captain Creates a team and invites members to join.

1 - Select the Registration link that you were provided for your region. Make sure that you are registering for the City that you will be participating in. The location is displayed on the top of the registration page. A Virtual option is also available for participants who cannot attend at a physical location.


Select Continue. You will be prompted to Login to register. If you have an existing account enter your login details. New Users select the field next to  Please create an account for me.


Once you Login enter your personal details on the profile page and continue to the questions page to Select the team option. Team Captains create a team name


Accept the waiver and continue through the options , purchase protection, and confirm and complete the registration process at the checkout. Once payment is processed the Team Captain receives and email with the Team Name and Password their friends and coworkers use to Join their team. Here is how the team information is displayed:


Tip: Make sure that you keep your copy of the confirmation email that has the team information.Simply cut and paste the invitation link in an email to your friends to join your team.

Team Member who join you will simply follow the link and use the same registration process. They simply select the team name and enter the provided password on the questions page:


Important Note: Team member must use the same registration portal and complete the registration process to join the team.

Once your team member has successfully registered he will receive an email confirmation indicating they have joined your team:



Team Captains can view their Team Member on the Athlete Dashboard.

Your confirmation email contains the following information.

Team Management:
To manage your Team go to your Athlete Dashboard where you can view your registration and team information. As team members sign up they will automatically be listed on your team list. As team captain you have the ability to edit the team list by removing team members if required. This will allow you to manage the list to accommodate movement of members. If you free up a spot on the team then you can send out an invitation to another person to join the team.

Once you Login on the Members Page. You will see the Athlete Dashboard Link on the Races Tab.



Select Athlete Dashboard and The Race History is generated.


Next to your registration confirmation select the group icon to view your team members.
You can delete members from your team.


For information on setting up Team Fundraising click here.






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