Temporary / Official Tax Receipt formats and requirements

The Running Room can issue two types of receipts - Temporary or Official Tax Receipts.

Temporary Tax Receipts: Confirms that the donation was successful and informs the donor that an Official Tax Receipt will be issued by your charity (ie. The War Amps) at a later date.  Please note: The donor MUST be issued an Official Tax Receipt for the full amount of the donation which includes the 5% processing fee.

Temporary tax receipts are ideal for charities who:

  • Do not provide official receipts for donations below a certain amount.
  • Have an internal receipt sequence or format or sequence that they need to comply to.



Official Tax Receipts: Tax receipts are issued by Running Room on behalf of the charity and include the charity logo and the charity officials name and signature. Donor receives 3 copies for income tax purposes.


The following information is required to set-up Official Tax Receipts:

Official Charity Logo that displays on the left corner of the Tax Receipt.
Charities Officials name and a scan of their signature.
Please ensure that the scan of the signature is of a suitable contrast and resolution of at least 200dpi.

A block of receipt numbers that must adhere to the following rules:

  • Receipt numbers can never begin with a zero
  • Can have one hyphen (-)
  • Can use letters, but not after a hyphen
  • No spaces
  • Number portion of the Max receipt number must be greater than the number portion of the Min receipt number

Examples of acceptable Tax Receipt sets:
• 1 to 500
• 85920001 to 85921000
• RR1 to RR500
• RR-1 to RR-500
• 2013-1 to 2013-1000
• RUN13-1 to RUN13-500

Note: Once the Tax receipts number sequence is selected it cannot be altered.

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