How do I view the Total Funds raised for the charity?

We display the total online revenue on the race home page.

The thermometer displays all online pledges, donations and includes the offline donations fundraisers enter on their dashboards.


Important Note: Offline donations ( these are donations that fundraisers receive in person that are entered as offline donations on their fundraising dashboard) are included on the fundraising total on the race page, however they are not tabulated on the race admin donation reports. That is why you would see a slight increase in the public amount displayed. The Donation reports only display the Online Pledges and Donations.

You can view Online Pledges and Donations in the Budgets

If you select the Race Summary you get an overview of the revenue centers including donations and online pledges.

Select Donor Pledges - There you can see complete donation details. Donors Name, Charity they donated to, amount, address and contact information, email address and if the donor directed the donation to an applicant their name appears as well.

Select Donor Report. This is where you can run a detailed report on donations made for the race. You can select the donation start and end date or leave the date fields blank to run the complete list of donations made to date. 3 formats are available. HTML you can view on screen. CVS or Tab separated files can be opened in Exel.


If your fundraising total is not appearing on the race page make sure that the Display Fundraising Totals field is toggled to yes on the Event Home Page Displays.


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