What is FanShield Purchase Protection?


We've partnered with FanShield to bring you attendee registration protection. We now offer consumer protection on all registrations.

Running Room Event Registration now offers FanShield Registration Protection to participants when they register for events on www.runningroom.com.

FanShield Registration Protection gives your participants an opportunity to get reimbursed for up to 100% of their entry if they can’t attend the event for one of several qualifying reasons.

There is no cost to event directors and no obligations or liabilities if they make a claim, it’s handled entirely by FanShield and you can direct any questions about the registration protection to us by emailing racereg@runningroom.zendesk.com

What should I do if a participant bought FanShield Registration Protection and they ask me for a refund?

If the participant is eligible to make a claim on their registration protection, they should go to https://tg-claims.ticketguardian.net  and fill out the on-line claims submission. If they aren’t eligible to make a claim, you are not obligated to issue a refund if you don’t have a refund policy in place.

What does it cover? We will not allow for specific terms and conditions to be presented as each state has it’s own requirements for T&C’s per policies issued in that state. Therefore, you can specify what’s highlighted below in yellow. Since we have more perils than listed below, we recommend suggesting a few as “the most common."

Participants may be eligible for reimbursement in the following most common situations as well as many more found in your insured’s specific Terms & Conditions:

  • Illness or Serious Injury
  • Employer Termination
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Carrier Delay
  • Jury Duty
  • Military Duty

Learn More at FanShield

How do I purchase Attendee Insurance for my ticket/registration?

Some events will provide their attendees with the option of purchasing protection for their registrations /tickets. If this option is available you will be able to purchase coverage at the same time you complete your order.

To see more information on your claim or to submit a claim please refer to our help article - How do I make an Insurance Claim?

1. If you have decided to purchase Attendee Protection, select the Yes, Protect my Purchase with FanShield option.

The Attendee Protection section will show you the total price of the coverage that is calculated based on the price of your registrations/tickets. If you have selected Yes you will see this in your order summary before checkout.

  1. If you have decided to purchase Attendee Insurance, select the "Protect your purchase" option.


  1. After you have reviewed your order (with FanShield Protection), enter in your payment information and click Confirm Registration to complete your purchase.

Are transfers of the ticket coverage allowable?   

No, the coverage is associated with the individual purchaser.  

We have the following amounts included in some of our races.  What is covered under FanShield?

  • Sales tax 
  • Processing fees 
  • Shirts or other giveaways 
  • Dinners 

Presumably whatever the value of what is covered above is also used to determine the fee charged? 

Correct, the total premium fee is dependent upon the ticket/registration/cart value.  For example, if I register and pay for a shirt and dinner, totaling $100, the premium to the consumer will cost 6.5% ($6.50).   The coverage protects the consumer's entire purchase and FanShield will reimburse them for the entire experience, to include the sales tax on the $100 and the registration fee, should the attendee have a valid, covered peril. 

 Let’s look at the a cart example with some round numbers

- $100 registration

- $20 shirt

- $10 meal

- $10 insurance*

 Total:  $140 plus $9.80 in taxes on the $140

Total Transaction value : $149.80

In the case above the consumer will be reimbursed for $139.80

*FanShield is a part of the cart value and then subject to tax. The insurance premium and tax on that amount are not refundable. Taxes can be refunded; whatever is passed along to us will be covered. 

What is protected?

The amount of protection we apply for the applicant should we give them the full cost (registration, extra items, processing fee, taxes).

 Again, whatever is passed along, in total, included in the order, will be covered by TicketGuardian, less the cost of the coverage premium.

Are donations protected?

No – donations are non refundable – this is set out in the registration policy (here). If a participant requires a refund on a donation they have to deal directly with the Charity itself as official tax receipts have been issued and only the Charity can issue those refunds as per government guidelines.

Click here to view the Organizers Guide to FanShield


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