Race Submission Form - Tips and FAQ's

Our race submission tool is an intuitive tool for race submissions. If you are new to the tool It is highly recommended that you read through the yellow content for the instructions on how to enter data before you begin. Here are some tips and error resolutions.

First make sure that you are entering the Name and the Date of the Race. The date entered propagates to the events you enter and determines the default shut off date.


Ensure you Save the Draft.

Leaving the page without saving the draft abandons all of your data. Save early and often to prevent any loss of data. Save Draft Button is on the Bottom of the Race Submission page.


The Race Submission form is an intuitive tool we have built for Race Directors. If errors are made in the race submission the errors are highlighted in Red. You can slowly scroll down the page to review and edit your errors.

Red field titles on the form indicates that the field is missing information or is in error and needs to be corrected.

Here are some Common Error messages and how to resolve them.

Regular Fee End Date  cannot be later than the race's Date To Deactivate 

Fee End Dates:

The default deactivation date for race submissions is 2 days before the event day.
Ensure that the last date of the last registration fee matches the date to deactivate.

For example: Race Date is 2018-10-31 / Default deactivation date is 2018-10-29
If you are setting the Regular Fee as the End date, set the registration end date to 2018-10-29.



Early Bird End Date cannot be the same as or later than Regular Fee End Date

Make sure that there are no errors on the date progression. For example, If you are entering an early, regular, and late dates ensure that there are no errors in the deadline dates or the year entered.


Do Not enter $ symbols before any of the fee values:

The form will not allow $ symbols before an fee value.

Max Event Registrants must be 0 or greater.

Ensure that you are entering 0 as the default for the max number of events. You cannot leave this blank.


Activation Date must be at least 2 days in the future.

The activation date is not a mandatory field. We activate events once we have reviewed the submissions. If you need an activation date make sure the activation date is set at least 2 days from the submission date.


Free Shirt and Paid Shirts

Submit FREE Shirts in the Options section. This is where you want to enter the sizes for FREE shirts for applicants. If you need Unisex shirts select NO to Prefix Shirt Sizes. If you offer Gender specific shirts select YES and the Male Female options / Youth if available



Shirts that applicant pay for are entered in the Optional Event Shirts area. Make sure that you are entering the Fee you are charging for the shirts and selecting the Sizes you are offering.


Data that is entered is not "sticking" to the form or reverting back to previous data?

If you are doing a lot of changes and find that data is not saving or reverting to previous data. Save the draft. Clear Your Browser Cache and log back in to continue with the race draft


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