Melissas Road Race 2019 registration FAQ's


Thanks for supporting the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Melissa's Road Race 2019. Following are instructions on managing your registration.

Q - I am interested in purchasing a finishers medal, VIP Package or a Souvenir item and I have already registered.

A - We have a registration page that allows you to make purchases after you have registered. You will only be charged for the additional purchases. Click here to go to the Optional Extras purchases page.


Q - How do I make changes or corrections to my race registration?

A - Edit your registration from your athlete dashboard. Login on the members page and go to your race registration tab. Select the athlete dashboard tab to go to your race history.


Here is what the page will look like.


Select the Edit Profile icon to make edits to your registration.

You can make corrections to your name, address, personal details and email address. However you cannot change your shirt selection. The Race Director will need to make the shirt selection change.

Important Note - make sure you click through to the registration confirmation tabs again to re-confirm the registration changes . If you do not re-confirm the registration your change will not be made!

Q - How do I Transfer myself to another event?

A - Applicants can transfer themselves to another event from their dashboard or from the link on their race confirmation.  See the start transfer link illustrated above and here is what it looks like on the race confirmation.

"This race allows you to transfer to another event before September 21st, 2019. Start Transfer"


Select the Start Transfer link to begin the process. Your browser will display the transfer options.

Select the distance you want to transfer to and start transfer.


You will get an email notification verifying your transfer request with a link to complete the registration. Here is what the message will look like.

Hello Jack Runner,

You have started an event transfer for the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Melissa's Road Race 2019. To Complete the transfer from the 10K to the 21K please click on the link below.


Note - you must select the link and complete the new registration in order to complete your transfer. If you do not go through the transfer registration process it will not be completed.

There is a $5.00 administration fee to complete the transfer. Processing Fees and Taxes will be added to this fee as well.

Q - Can I transfer my registration to another person?

A - Sorry but Meilssa's does not allow applicants to transfer their registration purchase to another person.

Q - I am interested in being a Running Room pace bunny. Who can I contact?

A - Pace Bunny information and inquiries can be directed to the Running Room event coordinator. Michael Stasica -


To email the Melissa's Road Race contact :

For complete race information Click Here to visit the Melissa's Road Race website.





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