I registered for an event no members profile.

I have been trying to log into my Athlete Dashboard to manage my race registration but the website is indicating that my email address cannot be found?

If a family member or friend registered you for an event or if the race director had entered you into the event manually we can associate your race registration to a members profile.

Go to the members page and create a profile by signing up for members benefits.

Once you have completed signing up you can send our team an email. Let us know the Login or email address that you have signed up with and the Race that you have registered for. That will ensure that we have the correct account you created and the name and date of the event that you registered for.

If you have the race confirmation ID with the date and registration confirmation that will assist us in assigning the race to your profile.

If you have an members profile that is has an email address that is no longer in use you do not have to set up another account. let our admin team know what the email address was and we can update the account for you.

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