How do I transfer an applicant to another event?

In the Race Admin area select the event from the top right menu.
Select event applicant from the left menu and enter the applicants name.

Select the transfer applicants Icon next to the applicants name.


Select the event the applicant is transferring to from the tear down menu.

If there are required fields that you need to select for the applicant the fields or tear down menus will display.

Select Transfer applicant and you get a transfer confirmation page displaying the details.

Select Confirm Transfer and the applicant is transferred to the new event.

Here is how the transferred applicant will appear in an applicant search in race admin

 - The original registration displays as grey however they will not be on the event exports

- A record of the transfer and date  is recorded in Red.

- The applicant appears in the event they are transferred to in Black and they will appear on the event exports



Note: If the applicant is being transferred to a team Captain event, make sure that you select the team name from the tear-down menu. The Team Name Menu appears under event teams:







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