Athlete Dashboard - View Race History and edit registrations

You can view or edit your  race registrations on your athlete dashboard.

Login to your profile on the members page and on the Races Tab select the athlete dashboard link to view your race history.

The athlete dashboard will display your registration history. You can view current and past years and all years that you have participated in events registered for on the Running Room site.


Icon_Editapplicantregistration.png Edit registration Icon - This opens the original registration. You can edit or make corrections to personal details. If you need to change your shirt size you have to contact the race director.

If you are editing a team registration you can select confirm and continue to view / edit team members.

Note: To save your applicant edits make sure that you continue to the confirmation page and Select the Confirm Registration Icon on the Bottom of the page.


Icon_toregistratonpage.png Register Icon - Select this icon to go to the public registration page. This will allow you to register another friend or family member in the same event.

Icon_Racehomepage.png Home - Select this icon to go to the race home page.

Icon_givinglink.png Donations - If the event you registered has fundraising associated with the race you will see the donation Icon. This will take you to your fundraising home page.


Race Results Icons - If Race has been official results that have been uploaded to the race page these icons will be displayed next to the race.

Icon_Raceresults_Linktopublicresults.pngRace Results - Direct you to the public results listing page.

Icon_Myresultspage.pngMy Results - Displays your personal standings in the results.

NotMe_removes_the_results_selection_from_your_DB..png Not Me - This removes the results from your race listing.




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