How to add Applicants / Manual registrations

We have applicants who have registered on an entry form. How do I add them to the online database.

Go to the Running Room members page

Login to your Profile and select the Race Director Dashboard on your Race Director tab.


Your race and active events will appear on the screen.



Select the Add field to generate the Registration Menu where you enter the applicants data.

This will appear in a popup menu. Make sure that your browser is allowing popups.


Race Directors have the Option of entering different fee schedules when doing a manual registration. All of the fee options and extras ( if applicable) can be selected on the options page



Registration Discounts and waiving of the processing fees can be added on the confirmation page.

When you are doing manual registrations make sure that you deselect the processing fee.


Select Confirm Registration to go to the check out and confirm the payment details.

On Check Out If the applicant has paid cash or check select Mark as Paid.

If you have credit card information you can enter the data and select Complete Registration.


The Registration is complete. The applicant is emailed a copy of the registration confirmation and the administrator entering the data will get a copy.

If you need to make edits or corrections to the applicants registration you need to go through Race Management - Click Here for instructions.


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