I am a team Captain - how do I get members to join my team?

When you register as a team captain and create a team name you will receive a confirmation email with the team name, password, and a link to the registration page that you can forward to your friends and family. Each team member registers individually pays a registration fee.

After you have set up the your Team on the questions page:



Proceed to the check out and pay for your registration. Your confirmation page and email will have the password for your team members.

Members who join your team must follow the link to the team registration page and select the name and enter the password on the questions page.

Note: Please ensure that your member is not entering the team name and password at the beginning of the registration form.


Once your team member has successfully registered he will receive an email confirmation indicating they have joined your team:



Team Captains can view and edit team members on their Athlete dashboard. On the race confirmation you receive information and a link to your dashboard.

Team Management:
To manage your Team go to your Athlete Dashboard where you can view your registration and team information. As team members sign up they will automatically be listed on your team list. As team captain you have the ability to edit the team list by removing team members if required. This will allow you to manage the list to accommodate movement of members. If you free up a spot on the team then you can send out an invitation to another person to join the team.

Next to your registration confirmation select the group icon to view your team members.

This displays your team listing:



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