Participant to Participant Transfer Option.

Participant to Participant Transfer Tool & Fee option:

We have introduced a new tool that allows applicants to manage the transfer of their race application to another person if they are not able to attend. Most race registrations are none refundable so this is a very useful tool.

Applicants transfer their registration to another participant who can enter their own personal data! The link to do this will be seen on the applicants confirmation e-mail.  Simply click this link to send an invitation to the new person and if that person accepts the transfer they will be charged the transfer fee at that point.

The transfer fee is generally set at around $12 - $15 and is determined by the race director. The Race Director can manage this option via their administration RD access portal.

For more details on this and other Running Room Race Registration tools & features click here - Web Site, or visit our Race Directors new Face Book site - here.

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