Why did I receive this fundraising request?

Fundraising and Donations
Many of our events are affiliated with a charity. If an event is associated with a Charity there will be a Donations tab on the top of the race page. Participants simply need  go to the Donations tab  to set up a fundraising page. Once  set up participants are ready to solicit  friends and family members to support their participation in the event and their effort to fundraise for the charity.
This is what the fundraising request may look like when you receive it in your in-box:
How Running Room protects your privacy!
Running Room is committed to respecting your privacy through the protection of your personal information and by ensuring compliance with anti-spam legislation.
We only correspond with customer who have opted in to receive e-mail communication from us and in all cases there is a method available to unsubscribe.  Transactional e-mails (receipts, loyalty program  enrolment confirmation, etc., )  and emails related to fundraising are exempt from this legislation. 
Are donation requests considered to be commercial electronic messages?
Messages that have as their primary purpose raising funds for registered charities (fundraising messages) are exempt from this legislation. Consent is not required from the recipient before these messages are sent.
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