How do I view / update my email Newsletter Preferences?

You can view or update your email subscriptions on your members profile.

Login to your profile on the members page.

On the Left Column select the Change my email subscriptions? selection.

This Generates your newsletter preference page.

Check marks indicate you are set up to receive newsletters from that group.

Check to subscribe to or Uncheck to unsubscribe from the selected group.

Select Submit and a you will get a message displaying the options you have opted out of ( if applicable) and notification of an email sent to you to verify you want to opt in to receiving emails from the Running Room.

Note: You must select your confirmation email in order to activate the email settings. If you do not complete this step you will not activate the email settings.

Go to your inbox and select the email you received from the Running Room.

The Listing you have subscribed to will be displayed in the title and message.

Select the confirmation link and your web browser will display verification that you are subscribed.

Please Note - The Running Room sends out a confirmation email for each subscription category. If you have selected to receive emails from more than one list make sure that you select the confirmation link on the verification on the other lists that you had selected.

Run Club / Clinics
Sales and Promotions
Race / Events
Magazine Delivery

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