I am not getting my Store or Clinic emails

You can control your email settings in your members profile.

Select the Members Link on the Running Room home page and login to your profile.

The Subscriptions tab is where you can ensure that your email subscriptions are active. Scrolling over to the blue information Icon displays a popup the definition for the corresponding field.

If the Clinic and Run Club Email field is set to No select Yes and you will get an email from us verifying that you want to receive emails from the Running Room.



Go to our inbox and open the email from the Running Room that reads - Newsletter Subscription Confirmation. Selecting the Link verifies that you want to receive emails from the RR and completes the email activation. You must complete this step in order to activate the email settings in your Profile.


Once you have confirmed you have made the request your Browser will display a verification message and you will start getting the store or clinic emails in from the Running Room.

If you have reset your email settings and are still not getting the emails you need to start by selecting the profile link to verify that the email address in your members profile is correct.

If it is correct the next step is to try whitelisting the Running Room sending email address.

The email address to whitelist is - RunningRoomMail@runningroom.com

If you still are not getting the store or clinic emails from the Running Room you will have to contact your service provider or IT department to see if there is a block on the Running Room sending domain. If you are using an email address from work where they are vigilant on monitoring access to websites and routinely block html content emails you can request that they allow emails from the Running Room.



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