How to enter DOB for Age on Race Day

The Age on Race Day is calculated when you enter your date of Birth.

When you select the Date of Birth Field a calendar is displayed next to the field.

Select the Month, Year and Day you were born and your age on Race Day is displayed

Tip - when you highlight the year on the Date of Birth field you can type in the date without selecting the calendar. After you enter the year select tab to continue to the month and day.

If you choose to use the Calendar Method select down arrow that is next to the Month Year displaying.  You will see the Month Year menu appear once you select down arrow.



Here is how the menu appears after you select the down arrow next to the month / year.

Once selected you can scroll for the correct month and year.


 When you are done, select the up arrow to select the day.

Once you select the day on the calendar that collapses the selections and returns you to the registration page.





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