How can I keep track of offline donations?

Q - How do I add offline donations to my fundraising Homepage?

On your Fundraising Home Page you can enter Donations that you have received from Friends and Family Offline.
The field is located on the Bottom Right of the fundraising homepage. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Enter the Name and the Donation amount.

Note - Make sure that you enter the amount without a $ symbol.

Select Add Donation and the amount will be added to your sponsors list and the offline amount will be added to your Fundraising Summary.

If you make an error on the data entry you can delete the entry and add it again.

How do I get a pledge form for offline fundraising?

Not all charities provide us with an pledge form for applicants to download for fundraising purposes.

If you are fundraising for an event that is hosted on our site you can follow up with the race director to see if a pledge form is available. Select the Contact Us link on the race registration page.

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