Race Director access - Dashboard overview and instructions

Congratulations, on your race submission and thanks for listing your event on our online registration platform.

With your Race director access you will need to ensure that you down the QR Code reader fro

the Race Director dashboard is listed on your profile when you login to the members page:



If the Race Director tab is not displaying let me know what Login email the Race Director support team and we will review your access.


Race Managment directs you to the Race Administration area.

RM is where you want to go to:

Review and edit applicant registrations.

Reissue applicants registrations

Transfer applicants from one event to another

Export Race and Event applicants.

Email current and previous race participants.

Add Discount Codes.

If you have fundraising set up, go to RM to:

Review Charity details

Reissue Applicant donations and edit donation details


Race Director Dashboard directs you to the current and previous races.

RDD is where you can see the total amount of paid applicants

Manually Add applicants.


Please review the  Race Director Documentation for this and other important information.

This is a great resource to help you manage your event.

If you have fundraising set up for your event review our Fundraising documentation for a complete list of tools available for race directors


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