How do I set up online donations for my charity?

In order to set up online donations I will require the following information.  Please note all of the information must be provided in order to complete set-up. We are not able to set up fundraising for events unless the charity is officially registered in Canada or the US.

  1. Official Charity Name
  2. Charity Logo (please send as  jpeg)
  3. Charity Registration Number
  4. Email address for the individual to receive Charity Director Access (Multiple individuals can receive Charity Director Access, each individual must have or sign-up for a Running Room Account)
  5. Charity Mailing Address
  6. A brief description of your charity
  7. Email address for Charity contact (to receive donation/receipt notifications)
  8. Would you like Official or Temporary Tax Receipts issued by the Running Room?  
    • Temporary Tax Receipts: Confirms that the donation was successful and informs the donor that an Official Tax Receipt will be issued by your charity at a later date.  Please note: The donor MUST be issued an Official Tax Receipt for the full amount of the donation which includes the 6.5% processing fee.

      If you are choosing Temporary Tax Receipts, please complete the following:

      I, (insert name), understand that the donor must be issued an Official Tax Receipt for the full amount of the donation, including the 6.5% processing fee.
    • Official Tax Receipts: Completed by Running Room on behalf of the charity. The following information is required to set-up Official Tax Receipts.
      • The full name and position of an individual with signing authority at the charity.
      • A PDF signature of the above individual.

A block of receipt numbers for the Official Tax Receipts. (e.g. 1-1000).  Please note: The Tax Receipts numbers cannot be altered once they are entered.  We suggest a minimum of 500 per site.

Attached is  word document that you can download and send to the charity with the requirements:



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