How do I edit Applicant Registrations?

Race Directors can edit event applicants information in the admin area.

On your Dashboard select Race Management or on your Race Director Dashboard select Administration.

If you are logged into your Race Director profile click here to go to the admin area.

Select the Event that the applicant has registered in from the Race / Event
menu on the top right corner of the Browser.

Go to ‘Event Applicants / Entry Form’
Click on ‘Event Applicants’ on the left menu.

You will see the full listing of applicant in the event and you will see a search menu
A variety of search options are available.
Name, Email address and applicant ID are the most common searches used.

Highlight and select the name of applicant that you want to edit.

You can edit any of the registration details of the race applicant that are not payment related.

Once you have edited the applicant details ensure you submit the update button on the bottom of the page.

Illustrated details are on the attached PDF.

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