Here are step by step password reset instructions

Before you begin ensure that you have added to your safe senders list. Whitelisting the email will ensure that the verification emails come through to your inbox.

1 – On the members page select the “Forgot Your Password? Click here to reset it” link

Enter your email address and submit

2 - Your webpage will display a unique verification code – make note of the code.

Tip - There is a select code box that will automatically copy the code for you.

3 – Go to your inbox and open the verification email that you get from the Running Room. The Subject Line will be Reset Running Room Password

Please Note that your LOGIN / User Name is confirmed on the verification email.

3 – Select the link you have received in the email. Enter the verification code you copied from your web browser and submit.

This Generates the Reset Password Verification page

4 – Enter your New password.

Tip - Ensure that you are using strong password. Use at least 8 Characters with a combination of Upper case Letters and Numbers. EG – Run123ab

A Green Bar will be displayed indicating a strong acceptable password.

5 - Once you successfully verify your new password your Browser will display the following message:

6 - Select the Link to Login and enter your Username and New Password

Note - If you have reset your password or successfully logged in recently and you continue to get an access error message try clearing the Cache the Browser.

This selection is under the Tools Menu in Internet Explorer. Select the Internet Options. In the General tab select the Delete field under Browser History.

Step by step instructions can be found on this Wiki page.

Also ensure that your Browser is not storing your old password.

Password can be viewed / removed in the Security Section of your Browser.

Other common errors to avoid when resetting the password:

-               Ensure that you are using the correct login. This is confirmed in step 3

-               Ensure that you are not using the verification code as your password.


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