Race Director - Discount Codes

Race Directors have the ability to add and edit Discount codes.
Discounts are a great feature that allows you to offer limited time discounts for companies or groups.

Login to your profile.
Select Race Management to go to the Race Admin Area.


Select the Event from the Race/Event menu - top right corner.

Select Event Applicants / Entry Form - top menu
Select Event form - left menu


Scroll down to view / add Event Coupon data


Important - make sure you Scroll to the bottom of the page and select update.
If you do not select update the coupon will not be added.

Notes: If your race has multiple events that are using the same code
you need to repeat the process for each event. Select the event from the tear down to repeat the process.
You can set a limit to the number of code used. 0 is the default for unlimited use.

If you are extending the discount you can edit the Coupon Expiry Date for an existing code.

Do not create a new code with the same name /  different date.

Keep the code short and simple.
Do not use a long or complicated code with a combination of upper / lowercase letters and numbers. This will eliminate user issues.

Test the code.
Once you have this in place go through the registration process to ensure your code is working.

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