Team Captain - Adding members to an expandable team

I registered for a team that charged me a fixed fee for a minimum / maximum amount of team members. How to I go back to edit the team registration.

If you had logged when you had registered your team you will be able to add additional members from your athlete dashboard. Login on the Members Page.

On your members dashboard select the Athlete Dashboard tab.



Select the Edit Profile Icon.

This Generates the registration form where you add or edit team members.
Select Confirm and Continue to get to enter / view each members info.

Important Note: Make sure that you reconfirm all of the applicants data on the confirmation page and select Confirm Registrations!  If you miss this step no changes will be made!

I have a registration confirmation for the Race but the registration is not appearing on my dashboard!

If you registered without logging in or set up a profile after you have registered our admin team needs to associate the registration to your profile. Send our support team an email with your full name, race you registered for and the confirmation number and we can assign the race to your profile.

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