Participant Self-Transfer / Event to Event

Participants can now complete their own transfer between events within in the same race. The transfer link can be found at the bottom of the confirmation email. Here is how the link appears


Participants can also access the transfer link from the Athlete's Dashboard.

The athlete dashboard link is on the race tab of your members profile.


The transfer icon is the circular arrow icon next to the event.


Select the Start Transfer link. The web page displays the selection of events to transfer to.


Select Start Transfer

Participants will receive an email verifying the transfer request with a secure link to register for the new event and complete the transfer.


Select the Complete your race event transfer link to complete the transfer to the new event.


Note that you have to go through the registration process and submit payment for the transfer fee in order to complete the transfer.

The Self Transfer Option only allows you to transfer to another event in the same Race. You cannot transfer yourself to an event on another race date.

If you cannot attend the race you may have the ability to transfer your application to another person. Here is the link to the participant transfer option.

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