How to I Resend an applicants confirmation email

I have an applicant that needs another copy of the race confirmation.

Race Directors can resend the applicants race confirmation email from the applicants list

From your dashboard select the Race Management tab to get to Race administration


From the Race / Event Menu - - Top Right of the Browser select the event the applicant is registered in from your tear down menu.

Tip - Make sure that you are selecting this current year and event that the applicant is registered in.


Then select the Event Applicants from the left menu.

This will display the full list of applicants for the event. Narrow the search by the applicants name


Select the Send Confirmation email icon next to the applicants name.

A page will display indicating that the applicants email has been resent.

Tip - make sure that the applicants sending email matches the one in the correspondence you received. If you need to correct the sending email on the applicants registration go back to the applicants name on the list and select the Edit Applicant Icon to edit the email address.

If an update is required, sure that you hit update on the bottom of the applicants details to  effect the changes.


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